Interested in Joining NJAC?

Please download the PDF form HERE.

Farm membership is available to any alpaca owner that is based in New Jersey, supports the organization’s mission statement and agrees to conduct their business based on our code of ethics.

Associate membership is open to any alpaca enthusiasts over the age of 18 that supports our mission statement and abides by our code of ethics.

NJAC Code of Ethics

All members of the New Jersey Alpaca Community agree to abide by the following statements in their business practices. Our obligations to ourselves, our alpacas, our clients and the present and future alpaca industry are always at the forefront of our business decisions.

  • I/we vow to provide the best possible daily care for the animals in my/our charge, whether they are members of our herds or are guests on our farms. The well-being of the animals takes precedence over any breeding, sales or promotional opportunities that may arise.
  • I/we consent to provide complete disclosure on my/our animal’s strengths and weaknesses to prospective clients.
  • I/we agree to keep detailed written medical and breeding records for all alpacas spending time on our farms.
  • I/we pledge to mentor and advise my/our clients as necessary.
  • I/we agree to breed for continual improvement of the species through generational gains.
  • I/we pledge to continually improve our knowledge of alpaca husbandry and care and adjust our business practices as necessary.
  • I/we agree to positively and honestly represent the alpaca industry in a way that reflects the professionalism of all alpaca owners/breeders.
  • I/we will not make statements that would in any way shed an adverse light on any other alpaca owners/breeders for my/our own gain.
  • I/we agree to provide factual information to clients and visitors or help them find the information elsewhere.

NJAC reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership.