NJAC Fall Fleece Preview

NJAC is pleased to announce our return to the AOA Show System. We're offering a level II Fleece Preview. Scheduled in early September, this will allow you to get feedback on your fleeces going into the Fall Halter Show string. We've enlisted the esteemed Ursula Munro to judge your fleeces and Superintendent extraordinaire Judy Schroeder to insure everything runs smoothly and professionally.


We predict that the 2017 NJAC Fall Fleece Preview will be a level II Fleece Show (75-174 Fleeces) Entries. However, we're prepared to push it up to a level III if you send us the fleeces! Participation requires all fleeces to be mailed in and arrive on or before September 7, 2017. This is a great opportunity to learn how your fleeces rate when judged for 10 individual attributes from the commercial industry standards.

Fleece Color Championships

Special Fleece Awards

  • Best Hand: Suri and Huacaya
  • Best Brightness: Huacaya
  • Best Luster: Suri
  • Judge's Choice: Suri and Huacaya
  • Spirit of the Industry: Suri and Huacaya- Awarded to a 2 year old or older fleece (C, D, E) who exhibits that it is maintaining the desirable traits of fineness, handle, staple length, density, brightness/luster crimp character or lock structure for its advanced age at the time of shearing.

Fleece Production Classes - Optional Fleece Awards, Suri and Huacaya

  • Produce of Dam: Requires TWO progeny fleeces from the same Dam
  • ARI of Dam must be submitted. She will be the actual entrant for this competition.
  • Get of Sire: Requires THREE progeny fleeces from the same Sire
  • ARI of Sire must be submitted. He will be the actual entrant for this competition.
  • Bred and Owned: An award will automatically be awarded to the BEST BRED AND OWNED alpaca fleece in a color group!

In accordance to the AOA Rules, the entry requirements are as follows: All Fleeces being shown at the 2017 NJAC Fall Fleece Preview must have been shorn AFTER Wednesday, August 24, 2016. Per AOA rules, a fleece may be shown for 380 days past its shear date. Fleeces must be 183 Days or 6 months of growth to be eligible. They must have been born on or before Thursday, March 9, 2017 to show at the 2017 NJAC Fall Fleece Preview, and there must be 183 days of growth between the birth date and shear date.

  • When registering a Juvenile fleece, if the fleece being presented before the judge was the FIRST shearing and the cria was not shorn or tipped after being born, then the previous shear date is the cria’s birthdate.
  • Huacaya: Minimum length of entire fleece presented to be three inches with no maximum under first birthday, with a maximum of eight inches for first birthday and older.
  • Suri: Minimum length of entire fleece presented to be three inches with no maximum under second birthday, with a maximum of nine inches for second birthday and older.

AOA Show Division Membership is not necessary to enter this show, but a non-member fee of $80.00 will be added to your registration if you are not a member.


Go to www.alpacareg.com and either create an account or sign in if you already have an account. Choose the NJAC FALL FLEECE PREVIEW from the drop down list. After registering your selected alpaca fleeces, print off a copy of each fleece tag and place them with your fleece CUT SIDE OUT in an AOA approved clear plastic bag.


32 1/2 x 37 1/2 — 1.3 oz

SKU S-10920 — 36" x 42" — 1.5 oz

The above bags are suggestions on the appropriate bags which comply with the new fleece rules stated in the 2017 AOA Show Rules Book. All bags must be clear, approximately 30-33 gallons, under 1 mil in thickness and have no stickers, marks or branding printed on them. This includes the alpacas name and/or the farm name.

NEW for 2017: Fleeces entered MAY be presented in a “noodled” presentation but must follow the rules as stated in Chapter 5 of the AOA Show Rules Handbook. You can find a section in the show rules book titled Helpful Tips-Getting Ready for the Fleece Show.

The method and materials used to noodle a fleece MUST meet these AOA requirements as specified in section 3. Using only one plastic sheet of the mandatory allowed plastic bags (listed above) is permitted if the fleece is entered in a noodle presentation. A fleece improperly noodled in any material other than the specified clear plastic sheet will be disqualified from the show.

Check in for Fleece Show

Print and send a copy of:

  • Your completed registration
  • ARI for each fleece entered. If your name does not appear on the ARI, please include an Owner of Record Show Entry Form. Please ensure the copy of the ARI is of the original and not a “Certificate Copy” downloaded from the ARI site.
  • Signed Fleece Show Exhibitor Disclosure Form for Judge Ursula Munro provided HERE. If your alpaca is co-owned and you would like both owners listed in the final results, be sure toinclude signed disclosures for all owners. Please read the disclosure carefully and check the two appropriate boxes, as the disclosure has changed from previous years.

The 2017 NJAC Fall Fleece Preview is a MAIL IN fleece show, unless you are volunteering for the two days of the show, then check in is on Friday September 8th, 2017.

A copy of the Fleece Show Rules can be found HERE.

Printable version of the entry form can be found HERE.

Owner of record form can be found HERE.

Fleece Show Tags are HERE.

All Fleeces shall be mailed to:

NJAC Fall Fleece Preview
c/o Jefferson Laurel Farm
75 Farmersville Rd
Califon, NJ 07830

All Paperwork may be emailed to Show.Super.Schroeder@gmail.com and Payments (if not made online) shall be mailed to:

Judy Schroeder
224 Shade Hollow Road
Blue Ridge, VA 24064
540-797-1985 (Phone)
540-977-1541 (FAX)

Choose “Fleece Mail Back” on the registration site if you would like pay upfront to have your fleeces mailed back to you at $15.00 per fleece. If you'd like your fleeces forwarded to the Midwest Alpaca Fleece Show, please select "Fleece Forward" on the registration site. If you send your fleece via Fed Ex, you may opt to include a prepaid label in with your fleece. Please do not include a handful of stamps for the post office.

Entry Deadline: Early Bird Registration closes on Tuesday, August 8th. Registration Closes on THURSDAY AUGUST 31st. All fleeces need to be mailed to arrive on or before THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 7th, 2017. Please consider mailing your fleece before AUGUST 15th to achieve this deadline.

Registration fees are as follows:
  • Regular Resistration, non-NJAC Member: $35
  • Regular Registration, NJAC Member: $30
  • Early Bird Registration, non-NJAC Member: $30
  • Early Bird Registration, NJAC Member: $25


Please refer to Part IV, Chapter 22 Fleece Competitions section in the AOA Show Rules handbook. Any questions or concerns about the show and its deadlines or entry requirements, feel free to contact the Superintendent Judy Schroeder.