Welcome to NJAC

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we wish to Welcome You and Thank You for joining us!

The definition of "community" is a unified body of individuals with common interests living in a particular area. This is a broad brush definition of what NJAC is - we all have a common interest in Alpacas, whether it is for breeding, fiber production or pets - and we all (for the most part) live in New Jersey. But NJAC is more than that. NJAC is a support system for ALL members, it is an educational hub for new and existing members and it is an extension for an incredible lifestyle that you have chosen.

The membership asked for an updated website, a consistent newsletter and committees that work in harmony with the membership and Board of Directors. Our members make up the BOD, the committees and show staff, all of who volunteer their time and give their very best to its membership.

Our mission is to encourage, support and educate the New Jersey Alpaca Community. To this end, we provide an outstanding website which contains information on the who, what, where and when of our community. In addition, we have a new Facebook page to advance our mission. Periodic e-mail blasts keeps you in the know and up to date!

Thank You for putting your faith in our community. We appreciate your feedback and promise to give you 100% effort in all we do!

The Board of Directors

We look forward to meeting you!